Guarneri House

Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

Hudsonville Public Schools

Guarneri House will

  • Service your school either weekly or bi-weekly
  • Provide your student with the best instrument available
  • Supply you with all your essentials at the beginning of the rental (rosin, rockstop, instrument, case, bow, book, music stand)
  • Repairs
  • Rehairs
  • Great Customer Service

When you rent with Guarneri House you will rarely ever have to worry about getting your instrument repaired or size-ups. Because we go to your school on a regular basis the teachers will relay information to us, and we take care of any issue with the instrument. Worry-free guarantees! If you have any questions about our rental program feel free to contact Linda Reiley at 616.451.4960 or email (preferred) at

More About YOUR Program

We hope you have a great school year and an awesome time learning your new instrument! We look forward to helping your student grow in your school program and musical career! Music is a wonderful thing! Use it to grow! Create new friendships! Learn new languages! Make new friends! And most importantly.... HAVE FUN!!!!

Thank you again for choosing Guarneri House! We're grateful to have you as a customer!

Looking to join your school's orchestra program? Well, you've come to the right place! Guarneri House is ready to help you in whatever way we can! We are an independent rental company (formerly known as Aaron's Instruments) that your school chose to use for their instruments for their students. We work closely with your school and teacher to ensure that you have the highest quality of instrument for your student.

Members of the Hudsonville Orchestra Program:
1.  Are professional in their demeanor.
2.  Are invested in their personal development as string musicians and members of society.
3.  Actively seek out varied musical activities.
4.  Are enthusiastic about and supportive of the program, other students, and themselves.
5.  Apply the three D's: Discipline, Dedication, and Desire.

Both directors teach in two different buildings each day. If you need to get in touch with either director, it is easiest to leave a message at phone number listed below or send us an email. As soon as we receive your message we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Adam Davis teaches HS Chamber Orchestra, HS Concert Orchestra, HS Alternative String Ensemble (ASE - "ace"), BMS 8th Grade Orchestra, BMS 7th Grade Orchestra.

You can reach Mr. Davis at
(616) 669-1510 ext. 24341

Sarah Maurice teaches RMS 8th Grade Orchestra, RMS 7th Grade Orchestra, RMS 6th Grade Orchestra, BMS 6th Grade Orchestra.

You can reach Mrs. Maurice at
(616) 669-7750 ext. 18116

To read more information about Hudsonville Orchestra, click HERE.

What You Can Expect From Us, Your Rental Company