Guarneri House

Grand Rapids, Michigan USA


Here is a collection of some of our more superior instruments. If you'd like to know the price of said instrument or more information please give us a call at 616.451.4960 or email us at

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R-1958 Violin labeled Pilat Pal - Budapest

R-1959 Vettori Violin

R-1957 G.Gand -  1831

R-1914 Giovanni Schwarz - labeled as Pollastri Gaetano -Bologna - 1928  
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R-1888c Wm E. Hill & Sons, No.554 - London -1975 

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R- 1769 Thomas Smith


R-1934c Viola made by Steve McCann, 2014 Silver Medal Winner- Short string length - 16 3/8

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R- 1942 Gastone Bargelli di Giuseppe - 1947

R- 1705 Viennese Cello made by Mathias Thier c.1780

R- 1678 French Cello labeled Francois Vaillant - Rue De La Juiverie a Paris, 1707

R- 1576 German Cello, c.1900

​R-1970 English Cello previously owned by David Lockington


R- 1960 Prescott 7/8 Double Bass    

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R- 1953 Double Bass Made by Steven Reiley

R- 1951 Detachable Neck Double Bass by Aaron Reiley     

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R- 1950c Sankey Double Bass

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R- 1946c Paul Bisch Contrabass

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R- 1937 Double Bass by Steven Reiley

R- 1936c German Double Bass

R- 1913 Tarentino Double Bass

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R- 1903 French Gamba Double Bass, labeled Husson Buthod

R- 1883 French Double Bass, Paris. m.Claudot

R- 1877c Joannes Gagliano, 1806